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Hearing - Hear USA Hearing Care Network (Network Provider)

By using a provider in the Hear USA Hearing Care Network, members can receive discounts on hearing products and services and save as much as 10% to 20% on hearing aids through one of the largest panels of audiologist in the U.S.

Hearing Aids

Save 10% to 20% off the providerís usual fee on hearing aids, hearing aid repairs and related hearing products and 10% on programmable hearing aids. (Discounts do not apply to batteries and an additional charge may apply to an ear mold for a BTE.)

Services include (at no additional charge):

Annual hearing aid cleaning and check up - if you purchase a hearing aid through the AdvantageCare Plus program.

Other Member Services

AdvantageCare Plus members will receive a loaner during any repair period if the style permits. Also, during the first year from date of delivery, the provider will replace any hearing aid with the same model of aid if the aid has been repaired three times or more through no fault of the AdvantageCare plus member.

Call 1-800-332-2853

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